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Gezhouba Water Control Project is the first dam which is constructed on our ten thousand mile Yangtze River. It is a important component of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze Water Control Project. It is a milestone in our country water and electricity construction history. It establishes two branches of Erjiang and Dajiang power plants. The Erjiang plant has 2 sets 170MW and 5 sets 125MW axial circulation propellor type water-turbine generator . The installed capacity is 965MW. The Dajiang power plant has 14 sets 125MW axial circulation propellor type water-turbine generator , the total installed capacity is 1750MW. The power plant total installed capacity is 2715MW. Design head is 18.6m.
From 1993 to 2000 we have already transformed successfully the Dajiang power plant 14 sets governor and Erjiang power plant 2 sets governor . they all use Our company MGC3000 governor system. Until now, its stable, reliable, and superior characteristic obtains the owner and expert's high praise .


Zhejiang Xin'an river hydroelectric power station located at the Zhejiang Province Jiande County. Power plant installed capacity: 662,500 kw.
This power plant estimate using our MGC3000 governor system, the diameter of main distribute valve is still to use ¦Ơ100mm. Rated working pressure is 2.5MPa. In order to avoid jam of the central jet governor to have a better adaptation to frequency modulation, peakload and the system AGC functional need. They use the WBT type stepping main distribute valve. After the transformation, the Xin'an river Hydroelectric power plant has made a improvement to the unit governor, increasing the speed mobility of the governor to be functional to have the phase modulation to change the electricity generation fast the function. Change unit unload or small load movement to the phase modulation movement . Once the systematic need, after the movement personnel send out electricity generation pulse 9s ,it can load 40MW , after lls, it can bring to the full load movement.
This governor runs reliable ,the rate of defect is low, operation nimble convenient, the technical performance was finesystem after power plant many year tests which has satisfied the hydroelectric power plant automation request .


Guangxi Yantan Hydraulic Power station is the five step of the Hongshuihe step hydro-electric station.Located in the middle reach of Guangxi Dahua Yao Autonomous County. Installs 4 sets 302.5MW water-turbine generator. Total installed capacity is 1210MW .
The power plant originally uses Swiss Suershou Company's DTL595 microcomputer electricity governor, because of the equipment aging and the spare parts insufficient, the power plant makes the transformation in 2006 to the #4 governor system, which used Our company MGC3000 series hydraulic turbine governor. Till April, 2007, entire factory governor transformation completely completes.


The Dagangshan hydroelectric power station is mainly used for electricity generation. The power plant underground workshop is loaded with 4 rated power 650MW interflow type water-turbine generator .The total installed capacity is 2600MW, annual energy production is 11,430,000,000 kW. It is responsible for peaking and FM in the system. It is one of backbone power plants in the Sichuan electrical power system . The pilot generating system arrangement in the left bank, uses the underground workshop. The pilot electricity generation building consist of the power plant water inlet, pressure piping, host workshop,vice-workshop, host transformer room, switching house, tailwater surge-chamber, tailwater tunnel and so on .The equation below workshop for the thandaung type arrangement, single plane single-valve pilot. The water inlet is equipped with the fast strobe and the overhaul strobe. The tailwater system is composed of surge-chamber and two water tunnel with pressuer.


Guangxi Letan Hydraulic Power Plant the unit capacity of 150MW movable propeller turbine, design head of 19.5m, is one of the largest wheel diameter in demostic .
The original governor uses the FC type horizontal main distribute , the diameter is 200mm, the rated operation pressure is 6.3MPa, the electric hydraulic converter uses imported BOSCH proportion servo valve. In June, 2008 they transform the governor , replacing for Our company MGC4000 governor system. The electric department is dual cross-redundant configuration , the machanical part is replaced by PFWST type self-reset main distribute valve.The electric hydraulic part is (servo motor /proportional servo valve redundant form). The diameter of its guide vane side of main distribute valve is 250mm is the biggest main distribute valve in domestic put into operation., this governor has already passed the experimental tested by Guangxi qualified and put into operation. Its stable, reliable, superior characteristic obtain the owner and expert's high praise .


The Shuibuya hydroelectric power station located at the Hubei Province Badong County , total installed capacity 4*460MW, guarantees strives 310MW,annual energy production is 3,920,000,000 kW ¡¤ h. The Shuibuya hydroelectric power station is responsible for peaking and FM in the system.They use our MGC4000 governor system its functional on speed regulation, power regulation, opening adjustment and it is equipped with switch controls normally and emergency stop, urgent engine off,excessive speed protection . It also has the gate opening limit, frequency follow-up control, online diagnosis and other formidable functions.


The Pengshui hydroelectric power station located at the Wu Jiang main current downstream,the station installed capacity is 5*350MW, the distance to central area only 180km. It is rare water and electricity power source spot in Chongqing . This power plant uses our MGC4000 multi-microcomputer governor system. Its main innovation microcomputer control system, has provided the precious experience for our country hydraulic turbine governor development, which has a widespread promotion and application value.

The Sichuan Ertan hydroelectric power station ,its installed capacity is 3300MW,annual energy production is 17,000,000,000 kW.h, mainly deliver to Sichuan network and Chongqing electrical network.It undertakes the frequency modulation, peakload and pressure regulating .It play important roles in the Sichuan Chongqing electrical network.The Ertan power plants started from 2003 to implement the governor system transformation, using our company MGC4000 series governor , at present has completed the complete 6 velometer system's transformation task.


The Three Gorges underground power plant which is equals to 1.5times Gezhou Dam hydroelectric power station underground power plant hideaway to the right bank dam "the white stone point" . The design factory long 311.3 meters, width 32.6 meters, height 87.24 meters, planing install 6 sets 700MW the interflow type water-turbine generator . The gonernor has selected our company MGC5000 governor system.This is the biggest hydraulic turbine governor in domestic at present.It has used the completely independent intellectual property rights control system, the MGC5000 governor system is also one of the unmatchable products of our company .


Sichuan Jinping Second-level hydroelectric power station .The Jinping first-level, second-level hydroelectric power station is honored as the Jinping "a pair of sub-star", has a very important status in the entire Yalong Jiang power plant group. Installs equipment is 4,800,000 kilowatt .The Jinping second-level hydroelectric power station is the biggest hydroelectric power station in Yalong Jiang , together with the installing equipment 3,600,000 kilowatt Jinping first-level hydraulictric power station they will be a key project in ¡°Sichuan Power Transmission" project,which also supply the Cuangyu and East China area.
They use our MGC5000 governor system. Its stable, reliable, superior characteristic obtain the owner and expert's high praise.


The Baishan pump-storage power plant install two single 150MW pump-storage unit. Designed water head is 105.8m, rated lift is127.6m, The total installed capacity is 300MW.Our independently developed MGC6000 series pump-storage governor system now is successfully put into operation.The governor is dual- proportional valve type dual- programmable microcomputer governor, and passed the identification of scientific and technological achievements .


Sichuan Tianwan River Cascade Hydropower Station , its total installed capacity is 760MW,is the largest single unit capacity impulse turbine group estabilished in Asia. They use our independently research and development manufacturing's MGC7000 series impact type special-purpose governor. The electrical part uses imported programmable controller of the GE Corporation with the dual- programmable microcomputer redundant construction .