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On January 1, 2009, the Three Gorges Nengshida Electric Co., Ltd. is founded.

Three Gorges Nengshida Electric Co., Ltd is formed by Three Gorges Nengda Electric Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Shida Electrical Co., Ltd. through strategic reorganization and integration. The former Three Gorges Nengda Electric Co., Ltd.is is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Three Gorges Corporation, the former Wuhan Shida Electrical Co., Ltd.Wuhan is shared by Hubei Province Energy Group , both of the companies are established in the early 90's, and they are all high-tech enterprises in Hubei Province, both of their main business are R & D, manufacturing and sales of power system automation equipment, automation products, computer software and web development product . In more than ten years great-leap-forward development, the two companies have a glorious history, and make great achievements in the power plant auxiliary equipment field, which is widely recognized.

In 2008, China Three Gorges Corporation invest in Hubei province energy group, thus Three Gorges Nengda Electric Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Shida Electrical Co., Ltd. are invested by Three Gorges Investment Development Co. In order to avoid competition , optimize the allocation of resources, improve operational efficiency ,strengthen market competitiveness and market share, also deepen the reformation of state-owned enterprises. The two companies is integrated in 2008. After Three Gorges Corporation approved and reported to the State Administration for Industry and Commerce for the record, the new company is formally established in January 1, 2009, and changed its name to " Three Gorges Nengshida Electric Co.,Ltd".

As a diversified high-tech subsidiary of China Three Gorges Corporation's, Nengshida will make full use of technology, talent, industry background and other advantages of the original two enterprises and commit to make professional solutions for power plant control equipment, which including hydraulic turbine govern system, generator excitation system, computer control system, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), microcomputer relay protection system, high and low voltage electrical system and other auxiliary control device. At the same time, the new company will serve as the electrical engineering center of China Three Gorges Corporation the innovation, taking responsible for new technology research task of the Three Gorges Corporation, provincial and national.

Three Gorges Nengshida Electric Co.,Ltd has two wholly owed subsidiaries , Wuhan Star electric control equipment Co. Ltd., and Wuhan Nengshida Technology Co., Ltd.