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Enterprise culture

 > Core Values
Create value for customers and realize its own staff and shareholders¡¯ interests.
Enterprise core values -- is to judge things quality standards for Nengshida Company, which can direct what to do and what not to do.

 > Core Competence
The three-dimensional network of services, rapid response , excellent service, always moves our customers.
Core competence is a process that needs to continuously create, "everything is done for customers¡±is the only criterion to testthe core competence. Enterprise culture that close to the marketcreates enterprise mechanism innovation, builds a complete three-dimensional service system, improves the respond speed of customer demand, to be strict in customers' demands, using high quality products to meet customer demand, and moving customers.

 > Purpose and Mission
To provide the best clean energy control equipment for the worldwide users , makinga contribution to a better future of mankind.
Enterprise purpose -- it is the social responsibilities and obligations that Nengshida Company undertakes to show the meaning and mission it pursuits.

 > Enterprise Spirit
Professional Cooperation PersistentInnovation

 > Business philosophy
Innovative products with globalization thinking ;Moving customers with excellent quality.
Business philosophy -- it is not only indicates how Nengshida Company to do business, but a commitments for the society that made by Nengshida Company, including responsibility and obligation for internal, external and society.

 > Management Philosophy
No excuse, 100% executive.
Management Philosophy ¨C it is the guiding ideology of enterprise management of Nengshida Companyand theorigin of all management theory.

 > Quality Policy
Leading technology based on market demand, standardsquality control, strict management procedures, satisfactoryservice.

 > Culture Essence
Honest and trustworthy, serious and brave,
Persistent tenacity and kindness,
Has the "spirit of Agam".
That is: facing life with open-mind and magnanimity, intentnessesobsessed with your career. The only thing we want is to focus on our goals, adhere to push aside all obstacles and difficulties, implement without discount.
Culture Essence -- it is Nengshida¡¯enterprise "habit"formed in the long-term operation and management activities ,which is a whole image of the enterprise culture.